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Gajalee Vile Parle, Mumbai – Review March 16, 2010

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Date: March 15, 2010

Time: 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

City: Mumbai (Vile Parle Outlet)

Address: Kadamgiri Complex, Hanuman Road, Vile Parle (E) Mumbai -57

Country: India

Restaurant: Gajalee; Owner Gajalee Coastal Food Pvt. Ltd.

Occasion: Been there done that.

Cuisine: Malvani – (Malvan is a town towards south extreme coast of Maharashtra. Malvani cuisine is arguably different than the Konkani cuisine in variety of dishes and in form of preparation)

Format – Casual Non A/c and Air-conditioned Semi-Fine Dining

Drinks: Diet Coke – No issues (Rs 35/-)

Soup:  Sol Kadhi – It is a traditional Malvani soup made of Coconut and Kokum flower, very tasty, refreshing and a natural appetizer. it takes couple of minutes to feel what the soup does as an appetizer, once done you may not be able to stop at one.  It is served in a glass like a drink and is pink in color and slightly above the room temperature (Rs 25/-) 5/5

Starter: (Non veg) Bombil Fry (Rice flour coated fried Bombay Duck fish fillet) served with Green Chutney (Chutney made of onion, Mint, Cilantro, Ginger, Garlic and spices) (Rs 150/-) Wow taste, my personal choice would have been slightly less oily 4/5 for Fish and 5/5 for chutney.

Starter: (Veg) Paneer Tikka Hariayali – Tandoori Paneer Tikka marinated with Sesame Seeds, Mint and Green Masala. very well cooked (Rs 200/-)  5/5

Main Course: (Non Veg) – Baby Shark Masala (Cytora Moori Fish) Masala had Kokum flower for flavor and fragrance. Slightly spicy for my taste (Rs 175/-) 4.5/5

Main Course: (Non Veg) – Crab Stick Kabab (In picture) Excellent, served with onion flakes and lemon slice (Rs 225/-) 5/5

Main Course: (Veg) – Mushroom Peas Masala – I was told it was a Punjabi Dish (I am sure it was not). The flavor of fresh peas was standing on its own in front of a great gravy and super tasty mushrooms (Rs 200/-). 4/5

Breads: Chappati & Roti (Rs 10/- & Rs 20/-) perfect 5/5

Important: As they cook fresh, it is important that you order by course together, not an ideal place for “as you eat” ordering

We didn’t go in for any dessert/ sweet dish.

Thank you Sharad for joining me and tolerating me while I went about creating my notes.

More to come…

Restaurants Around San Pedro September 28, 2009

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I am a foodie and would love remaining one for rest of my life. My work place is just across San Pedro Square in downtown San Jose, this post is aimed at putting on a piece of paper on what I like most at that specific restaurant. It is not a detailed review but more like – I have been there and I have liked this.

  1. The Old spaghetti Factory – Shrimp, Spinach and Artichoke Dip – Quality and quantity both are fine 7/10 & Lasagna Vegitariano – 9/10 This is yummy Marinara sauce makes huge difference (Both have artichoke’s)
  2. The Old Wagon – Popcorn Shrimp – Yummy 8/10 & Been Fishing, there take on Fish & Chips – Chips were out of the world, fish was fine too, decent portion 8/10
  3. 71 Saint Peter’s – Pan Seared Crab Cakes 5/10 Not to my taste & Bruschetta 9/10 – the way it should be. Main course Seafood linguine - Prawns, Scallops, Mussels, Lobster, Tomatoes – this is my favorite and I give it 10/10 – very tasty, very juicy and filling
  4. Sonoma Chicken Coop – Crispy calamari – Its is flash fried and tastes awesome, good helping 9/10 & Grilled Salmon Risotto 10/10 – The Wow dish of the downtown – I’ve had it over 20 times and every time the experience is just out of the world
  5. 19 Market – The Vietnamese fine dining – Crab and Avocado Spring Rolls – a bit dry but very tasty 7/10 & Grilled Salmon with Spicy Green Beans 8/10 (2 points go the portion is slightly less at this price point) & Brown Rice 8/10
  6. La Vic’s – Best Tacos and Burritos town – Super Veggie Burrito – 9/10 – awesome taste too filling and a meal for the day and Veggie Tacos – 9/10 Wow taste – in Orange Sauce takes you there 101/10
  7. Amici’s - Artichoke Panzanella Salad – All the veggies with bread cubes thrown in - 8/10 Tastes best with some Olive oil and vinegar & Veggie Pizza – Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Onions, Black Olives 10/10 – There just can’t be any better Pizza in this category
  8. Peggy Sue’s Diner – Clam chowder in a Sourdough Bread Bowl – 9/10 tastes good, filling & Fish n Chips – 7/10 Chips are great, fish can be less oily, helping is generous.

The above are my best 8 out of about 20 and I have had food at them several times. San Jose is a foodies delight and the San Pedro neighborhood is a jewel in the crown.

Sagar Ratna at Janakpuri West April 12, 2009

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Restaurant Name: Sagar Ratna

Date: April 10 and April 11, 2009

Location: Just before Janakpuri West Metro Station (vikaspuri side) – Locality Krishnapark – Yes it is that simple and that confusing

Cuisine: Known for South Indian but now offers everything which may be South Indians or Indian eat. The new menu includes Chinese and North Indian – French and Italian would soon be added ;)

Covers: Over 100

Ambiance: Something between fast food joint and fine dining

Parking: Major issue on Saturday and Sunday Nights – Go at your own risk

Portion: Regular
Prices: Could have been about 20% lower

Food: I have had the following at this joint (over two visits of course)

  1. Rasam: Excellent Right amount of tamarind – (Tell them to serve in Steel Tumbler – It doesn’t taste half as good in a Glass Glass – whatever.  9/10
  2. Papad: Excellent as if a machine makes it, no issues – 10/10
  3. Mysore Dosa: Like all dosas must be had quickly. Very quickly. Ask for Gun Powder with separate desi ghee on the side. Take with all chutnies on offer – Tomato, Coconut, Green Chili and Mint 10/10
  4. Idli – Not happy at all. The idlis thoughfresh were nowhere the best I  have ever had. They were not soft – 3/10
  5. Dahi Vara – Wow, it was awesome. 10/10 – Slightly on the sweeter side – 100% south Indian Style
  6. Upma – Regular upma, nothing great to talk home about – nothing to crib about 6/10
  7. Sambar Vada  – Good, could be better – I find their sambar inconsitent. I had it twice – Once sambar was so thick that it couldn’t seep into Vada and Vada remained tight – 7/10
  8. Masala Dosa – I am not agreat fan of Masala of Masala Dosa, but their masala is fine I like the lemonish yellow color of the potatop based masala stuffing 8/10

Ano Tai Chinese Restaurant Review January 8, 2009

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Name: Ano Tai

Country: India
City: New Delhi
Location Basant Lok Shopping Complex
Neighbourhood: Vasant Vihar
Located inside: Vasant Continental Hotel
How many of  us: 3
Cuisine: Chinese Speaciality
Overall Experience: 9/10
Staff Grooming and Training:6/10
Menu Completeness: 10/10
Presentation of food: 9/10
Quality of raw materials used: 9/10
Taste of food: 9/10
Do I recommend: Yes
Did we leave any food unfinished: No
Ambiance: 10/10 – You must look around and wait for the best seat, they offer you “Passer by” seats.
Prices: $30 – 40 per head without drinks
Soup: Lemon Coriander Prawns – 8/10
Soup: Lemon Coriander Veg – 10/10
Starters: Veg Pepper & Salt – 10/10 we asked for a repeat starter
Starters: Mushroom Chili – 8/10 – Must tell to make it less Chili and more Mushrooms
Main-course: Haka Veg noodles: Good, but must tell them to make less oily. 8/10
Main-course: Mix veg on Sizzler with Garlic Cloves: 10/10