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What makes me love a Pizza? January 30, 2016

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Making of a great Pizza

What makes me Love a Pizza

  1. Crust: It has to be thin crust. I don’t want to eat a bread or a piece of cake, just because it is called a Pizza.
  2. Fresh: Everything has to be fresh, except the dough. Nothing canned or processed, even the cheese.
  3. Hand Tossed: Just roll it and toss it.
  4. Base: No burnt base please, I don’t eat charcoal, brown is good.
  5. Dough: At least 72 hours before it goes into oven. Made today, served today dough doesn’t bring in the natural tang, which I love.
  6. Cheese: Fresh mozzarella.
  7. Chicken: Marinated with herbs and grilled.
  8. Tomatoes: Flavorful Husky Cherry Red Tomatoes or any other flavorful tomatoes.
  9. Basil: At least an inch long fresh basil leaves
  10. Sauce: No canned or processed. Fresh sauce made with tomatoes, herbs and crushed red chili in Olive oil.
  11. Red Chili: No flakes, just smoked & baked with the Pizza red chili cuts

Two, three, four 6″ pizzas please, 8″ would also do, but nothing more than 8″ in size.


Pizza Marzano Delhi Review May 11, 2009

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Restaurant Name: Pizza Marzano

Date: May 10, 2009

Location & Address: Cg-02/03,Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon Marg, Delhi – 011 26254891. Once you reach Ansal Plaza. If Shoppers Stop is at the beginning, Pizza Marzano is at the end of the Ground Floor

Cuisine: Contemporary Italian and Adapted Italian, they offer you Paneer Pizza

Covers: Over 100

Ambiance: Casual-Fine Dinning

Parking: Ansal Plaza has sufficient parking, how far or how close you get to park to the restaurant is not in your hands

Portion: Decent
Prices: Are just fine, I hope to that don’t increase it and make it unreasonable.

Food: We do this restaurant about once or twice in an year. We have had the whole menu. I would restrict myself to what we had today. The reason we went to Pizza Marzano was our daughter just wanted to have the Bruschetta from their.

1. Freh Lime Soda: Perfect, they never go wrong on this 10/10
2. Garlic Bread: Their Garlic is not visible so much. It is all in there kinds. The fact that it is made fresh for you makes it very exciting, oven fresh served on the table, right amount hot. What else you want 10/10
2. Bruschetta – We all love it, but my daughter was not in a mod to share. It is yummy. There portion of sauce is always good and so is the ratio of tomatoes to the sauce. They have a variety in bruschetta – but this one is called bruschetta only. 10/10
3. Giardiniera Pizza – We tell them to give us without leeks and with only button mushrooms. As this is a ery mild pizza, I would like you make sure that you wish to actually eat a very mild pizza. Harmeen did try to make it “better” with jalapeno and some red chillies in olive oil, i don’t think she actually succeeded. I am fine with the mild authentic taste, didn’t experiment much and just enjoyed it. 8/10
4. Sicilian Sticks – Light, good and they don’t last on your plates. 8/10

All in all a good light meal for three. Service is fine, knowledge of most of the staff about Italian food is zero, need to get hold of the right person.