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Restaurants Around San Pedro September 28, 2009

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I am a foodie and would love remaining one for rest of my life. My work place is just across San Pedro Square in downtown San Jose, this post is aimed at putting on a piece of paper on what I like most at that specific restaurant. It is not a detailed review but more like – I have been there and I have liked this.

  1. The Old spaghetti Factory – Shrimp, Spinach and Artichoke Dip – Quality and quantity both are fine 7/10 & Lasagna Vegitariano – 9/10 This is yummy Marinara sauce makes huge difference (Both have artichoke’s)
  2. The Old Wagon – Popcorn Shrimp – Yummy 8/10 & Been Fishing, there take on Fish & Chips – Chips were out of the world, fish was fine too, decent portion 8/10
  3. 71 Saint Peter’s – Pan Seared Crab Cakes 5/10 Not to my taste & Bruschetta 9/10 – the way it should be. Main course Seafood linguine - Prawns, Scallops, Mussels, Lobster, Tomatoes – this is my favorite and I give it 10/10 – very tasty, very juicy and filling
  4. Sonoma Chicken Coop – Crispy calamari – Its is flash fried and tastes awesome, good helping 9/10 & Grilled Salmon Risotto 10/10 – The Wow dish of the downtown – I’ve had it over 20 times and every time the experience is just out of the world
  5. 19 Market – The Vietnamese fine dining – Crab and Avocado Spring Rolls – a bit dry but very tasty 7/10 & Grilled Salmon with Spicy Green Beans 8/10 (2 points go the portion is slightly less at this price point) & Brown Rice 8/10
  6. La Vic’s – Best Tacos and Burritos town – Super Veggie Burrito – 9/10 – awesome taste too filling and a meal for the day and Veggie Tacos – 9/10 Wow taste – in Orange Sauce takes you there 101/10
  7. Amici’s - Artichoke Panzanella Salad – All the veggies with bread cubes thrown in - 8/10 Tastes best with some Olive oil and vinegar & Veggie Pizza – Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Onions, Black Olives 10/10 – There just can’t be any better Pizza in this category
  8. Peggy Sue’s Diner – Clam chowder in a Sourdough Bread Bowl – 9/10 tastes good, filling & Fish n Chips – 7/10 Chips are great, fish can be less oily, helping is generous.

The above are my best 8 out of about 20 and I have had food at them several times. San Jose is a foodies delight and the San Pedro neighborhood is a jewel in the crown.

The Punjab Grill Restaurant Review January 19, 2009

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I had heard a lot about The Punjab Grill and snatched the first opportunity to have lunch there. Two important Delhi names were associated with it – The Dabur Family and Jiggs Kalra so the expectations ran high.

Warning – This one is a sure spoiler. Those who have it in their ten things to do before they die – must not read any further.

So here we go:
Location: Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon – Delhi Gurgaon Border – NH – 8, India -Excellent 10/10
Interior: Characterless when you relate to the theme. The interior could have been for any restaurant – but looks like it is a functional Coffee Shop format deployed on a fine dining restaurant. – 2/10
Hostess: She was doing a good job – 8/10
Staff: Lack of training, lack of ownership. The restaurant manager walked in while still at his tie, something I have never seen before. Was not participative and didn’t move to any table for any attempt on service or retention. Once in the manager, was seen standing inside the  with his staff and was talking loud enough for comments from about 20 feet away. 2/10
Food: The Buffet spread was cold, starters were very cold – Cold fried fish and cold paneer tikka on a winter afternoon can be a real put-off. No soup or shorba in a buffet is tough to digest. Salads – if you call beansprout and dahi bhalla a buffet salad spread it is fine. Three veg, three non-veg dishes and you are done. Overall 3/10 Details follow:
Crockery: 8/10
Cutlery: 2/10 Crockery and cutlery don’t talk to each other.
Table and seating: Just about OK for a fine dining restaurant 5/10
Preparation was very ordinary and recipes nothing great to talk home about. I had fish fry: 5/10 (after a fresh serving – cold one which was there can’t be rated).
Paneer tikka, quality of paneer was fine, preparation was ordinary 5/10
Malai Kabab – Veg – They were probably the best dish on the menu. I liked it, perfect 10/10
Broccoli Grilled: It was tasty and unique in recipe – 8/10
Papad: Full of oil, drenched – 2/10
Main Course:
Veg Pulao: 6/10 – regular pulao, rice could have been better
Punjab Grill Exclusive Veg: Don’t touch it. 100% useless – no flavor, no taste no unity between vegetables put together.
Shahi Paneer: Bad menu choice for afternoon buffet, but as a preparation it was fine 7/10
Khumb Mattar: Peas were not cooked well, they were kind of raw, as if they were just added to the gravy. 3/10
Dal Makhani: Good – somewhere close to the taste Bukhara is cultivating. 7/10
Desserts: Nothing had, presentation looked poor – was not inviting enough.

On April 11, 2010 –

We as a family once again went for lunch to Punjab Grill.

Here are some photographs and tweets

Some quick bites.

  1. Still avoidable
  2. There was no waiting on Sunday at 2:00 PM despite hype and loads of PR that you don’t get a table without booking.
  3. Staff and food both remain an issue
  4. As an overall experience it was just about better
  5. I would not recommend this place and would not like to revisit or review it again