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Day Hundred Twenty Three – SBMBW June 5, 2010

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This one is for those really special people in my life who have been following and reading this post regularly. I would like to inform all of you that this is the last post of this battle in this daily series. The battle continues but the post is discontinued. The battle is well fought and I am sure it would continue to be.

Fight, I must… Because, Some Battles Must Be Won.

Day Hundred Twenty Two – SBMBW June 4, 2010

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Not on top of the world, not on the mat either. Not at all happy with the way things have moved in last 24 hours. There is confusion and it threatens to lead  to chaos and worse, maybe even  a mayhem. A sad state of affair,  much avoided but encountered, unimportant has taken over the important and is dictating the agenda. Life has changed. The battle is threatening to rage again.  It is important to remain calm and focused, sudden change has dipped the morale to a fairly deep low. However, the fact remains that if the battle is not won yet, it is not lost either.

Close eyes, let the nerves relax, take strategic call, do whatever… Because, Some Battles Must be Won

Day Hundred Twenty One June 3, 2010

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Once the battle is over, many more battles will start, I am sure.  I am bound to be held liable for breaking all the rules and for doing exactly opposite of the obvious. There would be many who would love to be killjoys, sad,  I have noticed them struggling with their inability to hold me back. All that and more would be handled later.  I still have to chase the light, I still have to be wary of  the unknown, the battle is still on, what if the adversary just can’t be seen. It is never over till the flag is hoisted and the anthem sung.

It is always important to move away from the unimportant, and at this stage of my battle I must ensure that i don’t forget this, the battle is not yet won.  Because… Some battles must be won.

Day Hundred Twenty – SBMBW June 2, 2010

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Now let anyone dare stop the dawn, I will cut him in two halves.  I woke up with this thought, I would not say it is strange, the thought is manifestation of what all has been brewing inside my brain. It is a well fought, well cried much awaited. There are always some colors which you crave for and the craving has a lot to do with your state of mind.   I am craving for Red the color of Rose and the color of blood, the color of power and the color of danger, the color which is just seen for few seconds when the Sun rises and the Sun sets. To use a cliche, give me red, give me red.

Let me invoke the Gods, let me reach out to them and ask them for wisdom to ensure that I don’t mess it up and the strength strong enough to stop anyone who thinks to mess in his tracks… Because Some Battles Must be Won.

Day Hundred Ninteen – SBMBW June 1, 2010

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Feel good factor continues. Of course it is a maze but the way through is getting illuminated, my mind is focused and the decisions are happening quickly and are firm once taken. I am more clear today on what I am not capable of doing and hence staying clear of the same. For past few days I  have been working in a structured manner to insulate my work from my battle, delinking the two has helped in significantly reducing the impact of battle on work. Peace of mind at work is reducing frustrations and ensuring cleaner mind space for the battle and time window for revisiting the strategy to win-over  the battle.

The path has been found and the sound of steps in the right direction can be heard, consistency and pace need to be mastered quickly… Because Some Battles Must be Won.

Day Hundred Eighteen – SBMBW May 31, 2010

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Looks like we can see light at the far end of the tunnel. We can see the tip of the  summit, after ages it is happening again.  Is this the morning we were waiting for, is this the ray of hope which kept us going. Yes! I am sure we are taking the turn from where things can get only better, I am sure that we have found the solitary pin from a ton of pins which alone can prick this bubble of gloom.

We can do it and we are doing it now. There would be light, sunshine,  smiles and free sounds of laughter. Beyond hope, beyond promise into realms of reality, into realms of success…. Because Some battles Must Be Won.

Day Hundred Seventeen – SBMBW May 30, 2010

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When the best approach to solve a mess doesn’t help, accept error of judgment in selecting the best option and get going for the second best/ third best and so on. Consider them with a fare hand as one of them is likely to be the right path. Day hundred and seventeen brought forward the merits of pronouncing yourself guilty and quickly putting the plan B in action. Day one on the new path worked very differently, there was stress, but the management was proactive and the novelty value of the solution worked to its advantage.

It is too early to guess but all measurements are reporting positive readings once again. We are glad that we made this shift,   it is also important that we exercised it now… Because Some Battles Must be Won.

Day Hundred Sixteen – SBMBW May 29, 2010

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Keep lies away. Small, medium, big and all other sizes between them, hold on, even before and beyond them, just keep them away. Lies amongst the core which understands and believes in the battle is a big no, a zero tolerance area and an absolutely sudden death potentiality. Lies bring in doubt and a big measure of uncertainty, leading to confidence erosion at your end and window for excessive manipulation at your opponents end. Past hundred and fifteen days have witnessed few lies, almost all were ignored and their impact discounted. The bigger issue is that a section of my mind now automatically places a filter when any of those tagged with lies speak, their credibility is in question and reliance on their presence significantly less.

It is acceptable in normal day-to-day life, in battles which must be won, this can be bad, very bad. Transparency and absolute honesty must prevail, because Some Battles Must Be Won.

Day Hundred Fifteen – SBMBW May 28, 2010

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I woke up with a totally messed up mind, pondered on for few minutes and settled for giving it a quick clean-up, it helped.  To keep myself glued to the battle I decided to remind myself about my priorities and consequences of loosing the battle. I narrated the “hypothetical post  loosing the battle” scenario to myself, it was horrifying. Determined, once again, to win the battle  I decided to put all planned steps to immediate action. Few steps are giant leaps  and would have long term consequences but  was there a choice? No  there was not.

Having relinquished control over all non battle tasks I have taken the battle head-on. Now I am chasing a single word,  Victory. Victory shall be ours, because Some Battles Must Be Won.

Day Hundred Fourteen – SBMBW May 27, 2010

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There is no turning back. The battle has been raging, the results have been to my satisfaction and I am still able to use my mind, but it is becoming very tough. Today the battle almost succeeded in overwhelming me with stress and stake.  My eyes went dry, my body went still, my lips would not move and my tongue was sealed, my hands shivered and my feet locked themselves. It was tough, all I needed  was just a hand which can hold me and get me back in control. Amidst all anxiety I exactly did that and the tears started flowing.

Not sure whether the battle has slipped or I am still fighting, I kept going, no big fight came my way and an uncertain day came to a certain end. The flame is still around and i still believe that – Some Battles Must Be Won.